Bagley Hotel


In 1906, two wood-frame buildings were built on the two lots occupied by this building. The Idaho Telephone Company was the first recorded owner of the west lot. Rupert’s first Mayor, Marion M. Makay, then purchased the lot for $500.00. The Telephone Company moved upstairs and one door west, in 1907. On the east lot, an early photograph showed a tiny, wood building with the name J. L. Jolley Cash Store. The Women’s Rest Room opened in the Mackay Building on May 1, 1909. It advertised, “from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for women from the country to rest and spend time while in town. Comfortable chairs and reading material.” Fire destroyed both buildings in 1910, and the lots remained vacant for five years. In 1915, the present building was erected. The Haynes Rooms, later the Bagley Hotel which is now closed, is located on the second story. “Bagley Hotel” still remains on the middle door. Until recently, the west section was a part of the Roper’s Clothing Store. Beginning in 1931 and for many years after, the main floor housed the Stag Pool Hall and the “Lunch Room.” A variety of businesses have called the east section home. Brick cornices, supported by brick dentil, accent the roof line.