Nancy's Floral 


 On March 30, 1907, Charles S. Roe sold this lot to Rupert’s first mayor, Marion M. Mackay, and Llewellyn Zug. Early photographs show meager buildings on this side of the Square, including a land office and furniture store on this lot. After the original buildings were destroyed by the disastrous fire of September 5, 1910, this two-story, brick building was constructed. Early photographs show a billiard parlor and barber shop here circa 1916. The building was occupied by Broadhead Electric in the 1930s, and Reed’s Riteway Hardware in 1939. Coast to Coast Hardware then occupied the building until relocating in the 1950s. The quaint La Cadeux Gift Shop was here in the 1970s. Pomerelle Portraits took over for about a decade and featured statewide, award-winning photographs and portraits. Banner Images photography studio followed, and then Nancy’s Floral. The front of the building received a new brick veneer in 1979. Seven decorative medallions grace the second story, and extended brick dentil support a modest cornice topped by a brick capped parapet.