Mode O Day Building


Henry H. Cook received the transfer of titles to this and several other lots on August 31, 1907, by a special act of congress. This lot remained empty into the 1920s, and the 1921 Sanborn Map of Rupert shows this lot to be vacant. The exact date of the construction of this modest brick structure is unknown. It is perhaps the most pristine structure in the entire Rupert Historic District. The leaded-glass clearstory, inset entrances and brick-capped parapet mark the style and materials consistent with pre-World War II construction. Despite some alterations to the historic structures within the Rupert Historic District, the town square, park and buildings continue to convey Rupert’s association with the history of commercial, municipal and community activity. This building has been partitioned into two businesses over the years, each with its own entrance. A photograph taken around 1938 shows the signs Cole’s in the east window and Creamery in the west window. Later, the building housed Clark Electric and City Decorating. Beginning in the 1950s, Mode Ó Day, a ladies dress shop, occupied both sides of the building. Dale’s Barber Shop, operated by Dale Donner and Dale Loveland, provided haircuts until the fall of 1976. The Finishing Touch, a women’s hair salon, has occupied the east side of the building for several years. The west side has contained various businesses, such as a sandwich shop, a baked goods store and an employee contracting service.