Workman's Auto Building


During Rupert’s inception, a carpenter shop operated on a lot just to the east of here, where the present diagonal street is now located. A 1906 photograph shows the frame businesses of “Cook Brothers Livery, Feed & Sale Stable - Real Estate” here. Another early photo shows a white, frame business with “Overland Beer on Draught” on a large sign. James Briggs gained title to this property on August 31, 1907. In 1921, a frame office and shop were located on both of the lots. In the late 1920s, Workman Livery was located here, prior to a creamery. Later, a full service gas station, operated by Andy McRobert's, occupied the east lot until the streets were realigned and converted into the present two car lots. Harry F. Workman had this brick building constructed, in 1946, by Morrison & Knudsen Company of Boise, headed by Harry W. Morrison. Morrison rose to world wide prominence after being the first railroad depot assistant agent in Rupert, in 1905. The irregular-shaped building, including garage and gas service, was built without a northeast corner, highlighting the showroom. Gas pumps were placed outside in the corner cut. For decades, the original Workman family has proudly kept Workman Auto a viable part of historic Rupert. The diamond pattern medallions over the windows, and vertical rectangular brick medallion over the door, represent the period. The building has concrete cap stones protecting the parapet wall. It has changed little from its original historic appearance.