The City of Rupert operates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility. Following major upgrades, completed in 2012, the Rupert wastewater treatment plant has capacity to handle both residential and  commercial expansion. 

The Rupert wastewater treatment plant operations strive for sustainability and environmental responsibility. The plant's process transforms incoming waste to nutrient-rich irrigation water and fertilizer for nearby farmland. 

Wastewater Superintendent - David Joyce 

186 S 50 W
Rupert, Idaho

Monday - Thursday
6:00 AM to 4:30 PM



Wastewater Rates
New Residential Hookup - $300

Monthly Flat Rate: $56.91

Reduced Residential
Monthly Flat Rate: $31.27

County Residential
Monthly Flat Rate: $62.63

Reduced County Rate
Monthly Flat Rate: $36.99

Basic Commercial
Monthly Flat Rate: $68.31

Industrial is contracted with each individual business.

What Not to Put Down Your Drain:

  • Bathroom Wipes- which sometimes are advertised as flushable, are not, sewer officials insist. Neither are tissues, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, make-up pads, various medical materials, condoms, and dental floss. Paper towels, diapers, adult wipes, baby wipes and facial tissues are made of materials that don’t break down easily and can cause your pipes to clog. Even if large objects do make it to the City sewer main they can cause blockage in the sewer main and can cause plugged pumps. The trash is the place for these items.
  • Never dump kitty litter down the drain- many of these products contain clay which will narrow the opening of your sewer pipe. Eventually it will plug your sewer
  • Never plant trees over your sewer service line- roots are the leading cause of service line blockage. If you have any roots in your sewer service line, the grease, food waste, and large objects just mentioned are even more likely to cause blockage.