The South Side Barber Shop Building


Title to the land for this property was transferred to Harry E. Reiman on August 31, 1907. Early photographs show many small false-front frame buildings on this side of the square. A 1916 photo shows a large sign boldly proclaiming the Rupert Democrat, one of two local newspapers at the time. By 1921, the frame structure had been replaced by this brick building containing a variety store, and harness shop. The South Side Barber Shop occupied the space from the 1920s into the 1940s. In the early 1950s, Rambo’s Firestone Store displayed the area’s first black and white TV sets in the window. People would watch test patterns, snow and fuzzy images with great curiosity. Sib’s Drug Store and Baltzel’s gift shop were here, then B&G Floral moved here from the east side of the square in 1982. In the mid-1990s, “La Michoacana - Panaderia,” (The Bakery of Michoacan) was established, specializing in tasty Mexican breads and pastries, and featuring Spanish videos and fine quality boots. Early architectural significance consists of an inset entry, corner pilasters, concrete string coursing and a modest parapet facade, capped with concrete. Each pilaster is adorned with eight decorative elements with a sunflower pattern. Inset into the corner pilasters are cross-shaped medallions featuring a vine and blossom motif. This is the same motif contained in the large decorative medallions on the upper walls of the Wilson Theatre on the northwest corner of the square