Walton's Barber Shop Building


A photograph from 1917 shows a small one-story, false-front store, identified as a meat market. The 1921 Sanborn Insurance map shows two narrow buildings on this lot with a small building in the alley. By 1931, this brick building had replaced the frame structures. The building was sectioned into two shops with Masterson’s Insurance in the south half and Glen Walton’s Barber Shop in the north half. Mr. Walton was known for his 3-minute hair cuts at 50 cents. Further back in the building was Mrs. Hilda Walton’s Beauty Shop. A popular beautician, she gave $1 Croquignole (heat) permanents. The machine used to give these Croquignole permanents is on display at the Minidoka County Museum. The Walton’s residence and a common early institution, a public bathroom and tubs, were in back. Many persons, mostly single men, had limited access to other bathing facilities, especially in the cold of winter or when the canals were empty. They were more than glad to pay a fee for a bath. In 1973, Bill and Pearl Amen purchased the building and established Tots to Teens, a children’s clothing store. In 1989, they expanded and combined this building with the building on the north. Brickwork and corner medallions mark the signboard at the top of the building. This building and the building to the north now share the center pilaster, scarred by the old barber pole.