Guyer Building


 The original buildings on these two lots were destroyed by fire in 1910. In 1911, Charles Guyer built two, two-story brick buildings. The Disney Grocery took over one of the buildings in 1914. The magnificent Lincoln Theater and Dance Hall were located upstairs and featured some of the best-known entertainment. The Gregory Hardware Store, with a sign stating “Harness in Back,” occupied the building in 1931, followed by Lee Hale’s Owl Pool Hall which operated until the mid-1940s. Eventually, Quillian Pharmacy, and later Boring’s Pharmacy, moved into this building. Boring’s was a major stop since it had the only soda fountain for miles around. In the 1950s and 1960s, the building housed first, Dick’s Tavern, and then Dick’s Café. In 1979, Doc and Dan’s Pizza, later Doc’s Pizza, renovated and occupied the building. On the second story, this building and the building directly to the west appear as one structure. The appealing brick and extended dentil at the top of the building are typical of the time.