Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Detailed information, forms, and requirements for each permit or inspection are available at City Hall located at

624 F Street
Rupert, Idaho

Business Inspections
Inspection Cost - $25.00
Daycare Inspections
Inspection Cost - $20.00
Safe & Sane Firework Permit 
Permit Cost - $25.00
Firework Stand Inspection
Inspection Cost - $25.00
Burn Permit
Permit Cost - $10.00


The City of Rupert will hold bi-annual clean up periods in the spring and fall. These periods will be announced thirty days prior to the start of the season and notification sent out in the City electric bills. No burn permit is needed if in these periods. People who wish to burn may do so, but must adhere to the following:

  1. Must not pose a health risk or be offensive to your neighbors.
  2. Must have an adult in attendance at all times.
  3. Burn only during daylight hours.
  4. Cannot burn within 50 feet of any building.
  5. Must have a garden hose with water handy at all times.
  6. Must have a shovel near at all times.
  7. Cannot burn on days with air inversions, heavy cloud cover, or high humidity.
  8. Only vegetation type materials, such as leaves, grass, weeds and tree trimmings may be burned.
  9. Please make sure that leaves and grass, etc., are thoroughly dry to prevent excessive smoke.  
  10. Open burning of rubbish, containing paper products, plastics, and other household garbage is prohibited.

The Sanitation Department will be picking up for the spring and fall clean up for those who wish not to burn their tree or grass clippings.  Bundles of not more than 5 feet in length and weighing not more than 50 pounds can be placed at your roadside pick up place.